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Download All Chess Courses by Igor Smirnov

ALL Chess Courses Package by GM Igor Smirnov

Just 7$

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22 Chess Course by Igor Smirnov in this package:

  1. The Grandmaster’s Secrets Beginner Chess Course
  2. Grandmaster’s Opening Laboratory
  3. How to Beat Titled Players Intermediate Advanced
  4. An Endgame Expert
  5. Your Winning Plan
  6. Self-Taught Grandmaster
  7. The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding
  8. Calculate Till Mate
  9. Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory 2
  10. Unlocking The Grandmaster’s Mind
  11. Mastering the Middlegame in Kasparov’s Style
  12. Winning The Middlegame
  13. Defending Champion – GM Igor Smirnov & FM Marko Makaj
  14. Master the Grunfeld Defense as Black – GM Igor Smirnov & GM Alex Ipatov
  15. Crushing the King – GM Igor Smirnov & CM Tryfon Gavriel
  16. Play like Fischer Bobby Fischer – GM Igor Smirnov
  17. My Thinking System – GM Igor Smirnov
  18. 7 Keys to Victory – GM Igor Smirnov
  19. Mikhail’s Tal Magic Revealed – GM Igor Smirnov & Mato Jelic
  20. Think plan and win chess seminar
  21. Quick Success in Chess!
  22. How to Play Chess with Black Pieces(Nimzo-Indian Defense)

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2 thoughts on “Download All Chess Courses by Igor Smirnov

  1. does the ” igor smirnov’s courses include videos or not ?

    and if how much hours ?

    1. Yes, almost all parts have video.

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